Everybody left


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January 1987. Night. In the mountainous Svaneti (Georgia) collapsed one after another devastating deadly avalanches. Killed about 30 people. Houses razed to the ground. Because of this tragedy, the government decided to give a new home to residents of Svaneti near Tbilisi. 70% Svan expressed a desire to leave their homes, their native land, which are in potential danger of avalanches.

October 2016. Once tourists in Svaneti, I found a huge number of abandoned and devastated homes. Lots without walls, without roofs. Exploring the interiors, I came across an old photograph of residents and many items of everyday life of the Soviet period.

In this dialogue of objects and persons, the project pushes us to think about the eternal question of life and death, about the rapidity of time, about the subtleties of the face of being, about the unpredictable turns of human fate